No pain in the rain!


Saudi Gazette

Saudi Arabia has seen a change this year. The streets and buildings were shining bright and got cleaned in the beautiful rainfall. The weather kept on surprising us all with sunny mornings and dark rainy afternoons.

Without doubt it was the most mesmerizing sight to witness. There are still a lot a cities and towns where the rain hasn’t stopped falling yet. On the downside it has caused many people to fall sick and kids are being absent from school.

Getting drenched in rain feels wonderful, but it is important to take precautions afterwards. Better to be safe than sorry. Following are the few ways we can stay healthy during the wet weather:

• If you do not feel like getting wet in the rain, then make sure your rain gear is prepared. Umbrella, hooded raincoat, waterproof shoes or boot. People often catch cold because of the cool breeze after the rainfall. Wear warm clothes to make sure you don’t fall sick.

• Take a warm shower after getting wet in the rain. It will help the body get back to normal temperature after drying off.

• The rule of the thumb is that when you hear the thunder, head indoors. Avoid open areas such as playfields and stadiums. Stay far from tall trees, towers and metal fences.

• Water is your doctor. Drink plenty of water as your body’s thirst can only be quenched with drinking water not by getting drench in it.

• Stay far away from stagnant water. It is the breeding place for mosquitoes and other water-borne diseases,

• It sure does look fun wading through floodwater, but better take caution as it can cause bacterial diseases. Disinfect anything that has stayed in this water. There are chances of getting electrocuted in floodwater.

• Wash your hands regularly. Common cold is mostly caused by lack of hygiene. Keep a sanitizer when you are out and about.

Enjoy the rainy days by staying safe and healthy.