With heavy rain, public safety must be a priority


Okaz newspaper

Fortunately, the weather is getting better. Now if only the delayed flood and drainage projects could be completed. These delayed projects ruin our joy every year. As soon as it rains, our streets turn into lakes.

From my point of view with the changing of the weather and the heavy rain, the safety of people is a priority.

I know that the situation differs from one area to another depending on the geographic location. However, what I cannot understand is why male and female teachers are forced to be present in school when schools are suspended. Why aren’t they included in the suspension of school and why are they forced to attend when there are no students?

Allow me to talk about teachers who teach in remote villages and have to cross dangerous valleys on rough roads. Forcing them to attend school during inclement weather places their lives in danger.

Many female teachers have called for help but no one has listened to them. Many teachers have died as a result of flash floods and falling rocks. No one seems to care about their situation, as they are forced to travel thousands of kilometers so they can earn a living.

Sources have said that teachers should be present at school to prepare it for the next day. However, common sense tells us that this is not the responsibility of teachers but the responsibility of the ministry itself. The ministry is responsible for providing a healthy environment for both teachers and students. It is the ministry’s responsibility to follow up on the bad condition of buildings and to fix electricity problems and to repair what has been damaged by the rain.

With regard to Jeddah municipality, I would like to say that we are tired of the repetition of floods in our streets every year. When will our streets, tunnels and infrastructure be ready to withstand the annual rainy season?