Saudi children create their own ‘Book of Dreams’

Children explore their dreams and ambitions during their journey with Jibnet Abou Al Walad.

JEDDAH — Building on its successful campaign in 2017, Jibnet Abou Al Walad, a spreadable cheese brand that has been a part of Arab households for the past 50 years, on Sunday launched the second edition of its CSR campaign, the “Book of Dreams” in Saudi Arabia. The campaign ideation reflects the brand’s purpose of enabling and encouraging children in the Kingdom to realize their dreams and ambitions through the power of reading.

In collaboration with Mariam Al-Saqr, a Saudi children’s author and child development specialist, Jibnet Abou Al Walad hosted an interactive and creative writing workshop for children at King Fahd National Library in Jeddah. During the five-day workshop, more than 120 children took on the helm of authors to craft over 50 of their own imaginative stories in their journey with Jibnet Abou Al Walad to explore their dreams and ambitions through storytelling. With the support of the author, Jibnet Abou Al Walad is publishing the first two stories of the ‘Book of Dreams’ that was put together by the young storytellers in Saudi Arabia.

“Our first campaign in Jordan was highly successful after seeing a great level of engagement with children and mothers who thrived to express higher ambitions. This year, we wanted to make a small contribution to the great progress of the Kingdom as it heads towards Vision 2030. We know that children are the makers of a better future, hence, we focused our efforts to raise young ambitions through creative writing and literacy,” said Roger Shepperdson, group marketing manager at Jibnet Abou Al Walad.

“I am proud to be Jibnet Abou Al Walad’s partner in launching the second ‘Book of Dreams,” said Al-Saqr. “As an author and publisher who specializes in children’s literature, I do believe that providing children with such creative and hands-on initiatives is a vital proponent to support their continuous development, thought process and creativity. Initiatives such as this add value and will elevate the ambitions of the next generation of Saudi talent. Curating the stories of these bright young minds with Jibnet Abou Al Walad is a contribution to inspire them to pursue their ambitions that will make them better leaders for the next generation in the Kingdom.”

The “Book of Dreams” campaign encourages children to read and opens different horizons for creativity by expressing their potential and future aspirations through storytelling. The initiative is intended to inspire the minds of the youth, spark determination and address challenges in order to fully realize ambitions.

The initiative is a long-term campaign that strives to enhance the role of reading and knowledge in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The book is officially listed at King Fahd National Library in Jeddah and in most of the big supermarkets and hypermarkets across Saudi Arabia.

Jibnet Abou Al Walad is currently preparing a new book scheduled for launch in 2019.