Fake news from lying satellites



News channels, such as Al-Jazeera, are not broadcast through normal satellites, but through lying satellites. Such news channels are specialized in creating and promoting lies. In reality, Al-Jazeera is not a channel, but a propaganda machine that is not searching for the truth. Instead it is creating and spreading lies to brainwash a segment of viewers who are programmed to believe these untruths.

A programmed audience finds it easy to believe what it is fed. This is the same audience as that of the former Iraqi information minister Muhammad Al-Sahhaf who based most of his news on his wishes and not on media professionalism and authenticated news. That is why the Arab world is faced with the dark side of media and is always defeated in political battles.

During the G20 event, Al-Jazeera insisted that Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman was ignored by world leaders who participated in the same event. This is despite the fact that other news channels broadcast the warm reception of the Crown Prince at the airport and the joint meetings that he held with other world leaders. Al-Jazeera itself broadcast the famous handshake between the Crown Prince and the Russian leader live, at the same time that the commentator was talking about how the Crown Prince was being ignored by world leaders.

If Al-Jazeera and those working for it are being paid for lying, then what is the excuse of viewers who are selling their brains for free to this propaganda machine? Al-Jazeera is well known for being a source of deception and destruction that is used by those who wish to destroy Arab nations.