Many schools in Asir region without security guards


Saudi Gazette report

The Ministry of Education has stressed the need to make use of all resources to ensure the highest safety standards for students in both boys and girls schools across the country.

The observation was made at an emergency meeting after the ministry›s attention was brought to the fact that a number of girls schools in the Asir region had no security guards to ensure the safety of the staff and students since the beginning of the new school year.

As a result, the absence of security guards led to many violent incidents involving visitors and students. It also led to hindering the smooth movement of buses near the school gates.

According to Al-Watan daily, the problem started with the ministry›s directive to transfer the responsibility of appointing school guards to specialized security companies.

The official spokesman of the Ministry of Education in Asir, Muhammad Al-Fifi, did not give a timeframe for the problem to be solved not did he disclose the steps taken by the ministry as a temporary solution.

Explaining the new decision, Al-Fifi said, «Priority will be given to the locals to get enrolled in the security company to be hired as school guards through them. The decision to entrust a security company to guard schools, instead of hiring retired security officers, came from the higher authorities and it must be implemented. The school guards appointed by the security companies will have a higher salary and health insurance.”

The Ministry of Education started the project of employing security guards in schools months ago from specialized security companies, which also asked education officials to end the guard contracts of schools covered by the project.

However, a number of school guards refused to transfer their contracts to security companies because they wanted to enjoy the security of government jobs.

Director General of Security and Safety at the Ministry of Education Dr. Majid Al-Harbi said, «Some security companies won the contract to guard educational buildings and schools. This will create more than 5,000 job opportunities.»