ATP-Mon, WATO, Tornadoes pace AlBaik tourney


By Jun Atienza

JEDDAH — The third week of team tennis action at the Trio-Ranch Country Club saw WATO and Tornadoes-2 lead their respective Groups in Category C, with the former posting a 5-0 win/loss record and the latter 3-0 with just another match left to complete their elimination rounds. With few remaining matches to be played, the other two slots to the quarterfinals in Group 1 are in the bag for SGS-SentroEnerhiya and Unified, while the last slot is up for grabs between SPTC and First-Timer clubs.

Meanwhile, ATP-Mon powered by players from Hidada Tennis Club, is unbeaten in Group 2 and secured the top ranking in the Lower Mix (B2/C players) category, surrendering only 2 sets in 4 matches of 16 sets, showing that it is the team to beat in this category. While there is no clear leader in Group 1, the top spot may be a toss-up between Wato-Madinah and Uricane Tennis Club-Zeem Corporation, which have identical 3-1 win/loss record, with a match each remaining.

In the Middle Mix (B1/B2) category, the top ranking is being contested between SBG-Untec and ATP-Mon both with 3-1 record, while DPWorld is slowly creeping to snatch the top spot with 3 more matches yet to be played during the weekend.

In the Ladies Division, six teams participated in category C, with four teams advancing to the knockout round. Elimination rounds have been completed last weekend and the semifinals will be played next week, with Unified Smashers as the top-ranked team versus Dr. Suliman Fakeeh Hospital-team1, while third ranked Toyota Tennis Club will face second placer DSFH-Team1.

The ongoing tournament at the Trio-Ranch Country Club, is in full swing with four tennis courts in full usage on daily basis. This is the 10th consecutive year that AlBaik Food Express has partnered with ASTEC (Association of Tennis Clubs in Jeddah) in promoting team spirit and camaraderie in sport, with perennial co-sponsors such as Sky Freight Forwarders, Sports Track and Unified Products.