Woman victim of medical mistake buried in Makkah

Relatives bury the woman who died following a wrong surgery at Al-Shuhadaa cemetery in Makkah. — Courtesy Al-Madina

Saudi Gazette report

— A large number of people attended the burial of an alleged victim of mistake in Makkah Saturday evening.

Family members said the woman slipped into in a coma following wrong diagnosis and surgery at a government hospital in Makkah. She was buried in Al-Shuhadaa cemetery in Al-Sharaie district of Makkah, Al-Madina newspaper reported on Sunday.

The woman came to the hospital with stomach problems and the wrong diagnosis by a doctor led to removing part of her small intestine. The woman actually suffered from deep vein thrombosis.

The woman underwent the wrong surgery, after which she slipped into a coma and was admitted to the intensive care unit.

The victim’s son, Saeed Al-Ghamdi, while expressing his sorrow over his mother’s departure did not hide his anger. He asked why no medical committee was formed to investigate the incident despite the fact he repeatedly called for an investigation.

He said he wanted the person responsible for his mother’s death to be punished according to the law.

Al-Ghamdi said, “My mother came to the hospital with a stomach pain. She underwent many tests and we were told that she needed to have a surgery immediately. They ended up removing her small intestine and she went into a coma after that. The doctors then decided to keep her in the ICU without any further surgical interference.”