Six narrowly escape death as car falls off cliff

The ill-fated car that ended up on the roof of a house after falling off a mountain road in Ajyad district in Makkah.

Saudi Gazette report

— Residents of the Ajyad neighborhood in Makkah woke up the other morning hearing a man, his pregnant wife and four children screaming for help after their car fell off a mountain road on to the roof of a house at the foot of the mountain. Residents rushed to the location, rescued the family and took them to hospital. Some of them were in critical condition.

The head of the family was later released from hospital after treatment while the rest of the family members, who were critically injured, remained in the Intensive Care Unit at Al-Noor Hospital.

Residents of the neighborhood have been complaining about the dangerous mountain roads with no protective barriers, which resulted in many accidents in the past with the latest one being the worst so far.

Saad Al-Amri, a resident of the neighborhood, told Al-Madina newspaper that the authorities turned deaf ears to their decades-long complaints about a lack of development in the neighborhood.

After the latest incident, residents wrote a petition to the emirate of Makkah and the local municipality demanding to threat on the lives of people posed by the mountain road. They demanded to immediately build barriers on the side of the road to prevent cars from falling down.

All attempts to get a comment from the municipality failed.