Korean movie about inspiring women screened in Riyadh

Korean Ambassador JO Byung Wook speaks to the guests prior to the film screening at the Indian Embassy auditorium in Riyadh.

Saudi Gazette

— The Embassy of Korea held a screening of the Korean movie "Run off/Kukkadaepyo 2" as part of the Ambassador's Choice: Screening of Films 2018 at the Indian Embassy auditorium on Friday.

Korean Ambassador JO Byung Wook welcomed the guests and gave a short introduction on the movie and how Korean women exceled in almost all fields.

In his remarks, Ambassador JO informed the participants about the Korean cultural exhibition in Riyadh, which was inaugurated on Dec. 19 and would continue until March 15 at the National Museum. He hoped that exhibition would enhance the Saudi public's understanding of Korea's cultural heritage and history.

"Run off/Kukkadaepyo 2” revolved around various women, including a North Korean defector, a banned short track skater, a middle-aged woman and a middle school student who came together to form the first South Korean woman's national ice hockey team.

The movie is inspiring on how women are capable of achievements despite the odds. It was directed by Kim Jong-Hyeon, starring Soo-Ae as Lee Ji-Won and Oh Dal-Su as Kang Dae-Woong. The coach of the team and other team members are Oh Yeon-Seo, Ha Jae-Suk, Kim Seul-Gi, Kim Ye-Won, Jin Ji-Hee, Park So-Dam and Cho Jin-Woong.