Shoura to debate two key laws

To examine organ donation, marriage of minors this week


By Fatima Al-Dubis

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The Shoura Council will deliberate on two key legislations of organ donation and marriage of minors, moved by the government, in the coming days.

The Council will discuss on Monday a draft comprehensive law for organ donation. According to well-informed sources, the draft law will get a ‘developmental leap’ to the previous law that was called the “draft comprehensive law for the transplant of human organs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” prepared by the Saudi Health Council. The law, which consists of 31 articles, aims at regulating donation and transplantation of human organs by licensed agencies and fixes responsibilities with regard to safeguarding human lives.

The Council will vote on Wednesday the draft law pertaining to the marriage of minors. This will be after detailed deliberations on the report of the Shoura Committee of Islamic and Judicial Affairs.

Speaking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette, a number of Shoura members said that the law consists of several regulations, such as fixing the age of minor at 18, stipulating a condition of producing medical report for the marriage of those under 18, and rules to ensure prevention of marriage of those who are not qualified.

Earlier, in a report to the Shoura, the Islamic and Judicial Affairs Committee had recommended that the marriage contract of girls under the age of 18 shall be valid with a decision of the concerned court and that the competent judge should verify the fulfillment of all the necessary conditions for such a marriage as spelled out in the committee’s report. The committee had requested the Ministry of Health to ensure that no girl under the age of 18 is subjected to pre-marital screening without a directive from the competent court.

The report also called on the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance and the Ministry of Media to take the necessary measures through preachers and various media outlets to enhance awareness about the demerits of marriage of minors.

The Shoura will discuss on Monday the report of its Security Affairs Committee on the annual report of the Presidency of General Intelligence. It will also vote on the recommendations of the Health Committee with regard to approving amendments in the Health Law.