Thank God, I am not an official



I HAVE to admit that I was quite disappointed when I did not see my name among the people who were recently appointed to various positions by the government in a recent decision. After a while, I calmed down and started to think about the matter further. Then I realized that I am very bad in managing my own home and my public relations with neighbors and people I meet in grocery stores and restaurants are minimal.

The responsibility of a public office is much more difficult and complicated than managing the affairs of my children, which I failed to do properly.

Complacency gives comfort. I know that the government is aware of who is who and how to appoint people in different positions. I was happy that I was not required to take up any government positions because it involves great responsibility.

If we analyze the matter deeply, we will learn that there is no point in envying someone who has been appointed to a high position because he had only two options left. The first option is to become a failure and corrupt.

This way people will curse him when he leaves a position as it was at the time he took over. The second option is to be honest, clean and dedicated. That means he will lose his friends, including the closest ones, and will not find the time to manage home affairs. Both options are not attractive.

When someone takes over a high government position, he will have to choose one of these two options available. There is a third option, which is the most likely choice, meaning he will be neither corrupt nor honest at his job. In this way he will be simply useless. He will go to work daily with no effect or any real achievement. His presence will be very much similar to his absence. He does not steal, he does not improve and he does not make any disastrous decisions.

I advise those who are appointed to high positions to take the first week after appointment to think and reflect on how people will remember them after they leave their jobs.

Responsibility of a job is great and the employee will be answerable to people in this life and in front of God in the hereafter.

If you are one of the new or old officials in a government position and happen to read this article, then test yourself and do not share the result with anyone. If you found more happiness in your position than you fear the great responsibility of the job, then most likely you are only thinking about yourself more than you think about people, and that is not a good indication.

If you found your fear and sense of responsibility is greater than your happiness in landing the job, then you are one of the rare people who will save this planet.