What are real American principles?



An American woman sent a message to those who are attacking President Trump and who are asking people to uphold higher American principles. In the message she asked them to stop for a minute and think about these American principles. She said that she cannot understand what these people are talking about. She added that those who believe in the American dream need to seek help from mental institutions, because they are in desperate need of psychiatric evaluation.

She reminded people that part of these so-called principles was the annihilation of tens of millions of Native Americans so that their land could be stolen. That was an American principle. She also said that most Americans do not know the truth about the attack on Pearl Harbor attack that was allowed to happen so that America could find an excuse to enter World War II.

She said that the attacks of September 11 were an internal conspiracy so that America could launch an endless war on what is called terrorism. She accused America of supporting Israel, a terrorist country, to carry out massacres in Gaza in broad daylight.

The woman ended her message by asking how Americans could talk about American principles after all of this.

She said that she wished that these people would at least keep their mouths shut because it reflected badly on America. She said that America is not a country of freedom and democracy and is not a land of dreams. She called on people to wake up.