Invading a morgue?



THINKING of the video clip showing a group of men sneaking into the medical college morgue at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah makes me sick. I forced myself to watch the video on my mobile phone so that I could write about it.

The video showed five men who went inside the morgue walking around human bodies and touching amputated parts. They outdid British director Alfred Hitchcock, the king of horror movies.

The difference here is, instead of faking the scene for horror, the whole picture was real. Instead of using sound effect for horror, the scary laughter of the men was heard in the background.

I will understand when a person jumps over stadium walls to a football field to watch a match of his favorite team. I will understand when people push through the lines trying to buy tickets to watch their favorite singer performing live. But I could not understand or find an excuse for the five men who sneaked inside a hospital morgue on New Year's Eve. They look close to the devil. Even the devil might have run away if he saw them inside the morgue.

This is not just a breach of private rights, but a case that disturbs our peaceful society. Our society cares a lot about the dignity of the dead and we never tolerate such behavior.

I call on the authorities to reveal the identity of the five people involved in this scandal with their names and pictures. I find no excuse for anyone who expresses sympathy toward the feelings of those involved in this case because of the gravity of the crime they had committed. We need to prove to the world that a person who dares to allow his friends to go inside a morgue and shoot pictures of human remains will be punished in cold blood. International community may be easily roused against us after the consulate incident in Istanbul. This event however will instill in the minds of people the notion that such things are becoming acceptable in Saudi Arabia. The person who invited his friends inside the morgue, shot the video, edited and published it on social media is trying to depict us as monsters.

The public prosecutor will frame criminal charges against them and we have trust in our judicial system. I wish shooting of the video and circulating it on social media would be treated as a violation of the cybercrimes law, which calls for a five-year imprisonment and a fine of SR3 million.

I wish all of them would be charged with sexual assault because they violated dead bodies of women by standing on top of them and exposing them.

I hope that these men would receive the toughest of punishments for their heinous crime. These people were depraved and they lost their humanity when they committed the crime of invading a hospital morgue.