African scholars: Saudi Arabia remains spiritual leader of all Muslims

MWL chief inspects health projects, hands over houses to widows in Comoros


MAKKAH — Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa, secretary-general of the Makkah-based Muslim World League (MWL), has inaugurated a number of MWL-run health centers in the Comoros during a visit to the Islamic republic.

The MWL chief was taken on a tour around the different sections inside the center and was briefed on the various services the center provides.

Al-Issa paid a visit to the new MWL-run Saad Bin Moad Institute and inspected the final construction works. He met a number of African scholars who will be teaching the moderate Islamic approach at the institute, which is based on the message of Islam to all humans, a message that has promoted everything that is beneficial to the welfare of the entire humankind, Muslims and non-Muslims.

Muslims make up 100 percent of the population in the Comoros, a country that builds bridges of love, cooperation and humanitarian relations with everyone. The scholars commended the Islamic and humanitarian role the Muslim World League plays as well as the efforts it exerts. They also reiterated that the Kingdom would continue to be the spiritual and religious leader of all Muslims, who should follow what it says as long as such action serves the greater interest of Islam, Muslims and the entire humankind.

Al-Issa also visited the construction site of Saad Thabit Yaqoub Mosque in Bahani, in addition to numerous development and humanitarian projects in various parts of the country. He handed over the keys of new houses built by the MWL to a number of widows and orphans. He also supervised the process of distributing food baskets to the needy. — SG