Yanni dedicates song to Kingdom ahead of Winter at Tantora Fest


AL-ULA — Renowned Greek composer and musician Yanni has dedicated a musical piece to Saudi Arabia ahead of his performance at the Winter at Tantora Festival here.

The music festival will be held at the archeological site Al-Ula, the capital of the ancient Arabian kingdom of Lihyan.

Describing the location as “absolutely stunning,” Yanni said that he was “very honored” to be performing at the site.

“I have prepared a piece of music that I would like to dedicate to them, to all the Saudis, my friends,” he said in a video message that he posted on his Twitter page.

“I want to remind them of their Vision 2030. It’s their dream, it’s what they hope their country would become, what they want to see their country become,” he said.

The piece, which he says has never performed live, is called “When Dreams Come True,” was composed in 60 different cities.

“I think it is very appropriate to play it at Al-Ula and remind, encourage and inspire the Saudis to go after their Vision 2030, to go after their dreams,” Yanni said.

Yanni will wrap up the concert series dubbed “Stars Under Starts” on Feb. 8. — SG