Shoura puts off 2 Haia proposals following criticism


By Fatima Al Dubais

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The Shoura Council has postponed discussing two separate Haia recommendations stressing the need for more time to study them, sources told Okaz.

The two recommendations by the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia), which were on the Shoura Council’s agenda for discussion on Tuesday, have been postponed upon the request of Chairman of the Shoura’s Islamic Affairs Committee.

The Committee had presented each of the two recommendations independently. The source said the Council informed its members on postponement of the recommendations, which focused on supporting the Commission’s Presidency in order to enhance its role in the preventative field and programs it is carrying out in line with its regulation aiming to control public conduct, maintain social values and call on the public and private authorities to cooperate with the Commission and support its role in the field.

The two recommendations, set for discussion on Tuesday, drew “criticisms” in the social media, to the extent that the Shoura Council deemed it necessary to sustain the current status.