Makkah Prison offers rehab programs for inmates

One of the inmates at Makkah Prison getting trained in electrical work.

Saudi Gazette report

Specialized skill development programs at Makkah Prison have helped rehabilitate 1,700 inmates through, Al-Madina Arabic daily reported.

The programs reflect the correction facility’s social responsibility to maintain stability in society by helping inmates gain new skills commensurate with their abilities. The programs included cultural, health, sports and professional segments and were offered inside the facility, which is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Inmates get training from morning until the evening and have to perform cultural, sports and educational activities. Some of the inmates are illiterate while some hold intermediate or secondary school certificates. A number of them enrolled in Umm Al-Qura University’s programs focusing on Shariah and management.

Inside the facility there is a civil status office for renewing ID cards and a notary public office for issuing powers of attorney so that an inmate does not have to leave the prison premises to obtain these services.

There is a secondary industrial institute, which together with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, offers diplomas in electronics, mobile phone maintenance, air-conditioning and refrigeration, sewing, automobile mechanics, electrical work and computer maintenance, to mention a few. There is also a primary healthcare center supported by counseling and psychology experts to provide social services to the inmates and help them cope with their life and overcome any challenges and prepare to lead a clean life upon their release from prison.

Maj. Gen. Majed Al-Duwaish, director of Makkah Prison, said all inmates were provided with healthcare and social services from the time of their entry and until they left.

“Our aim is to make all inmates, who number 272 at present, feel secure and stable psychologically and stimulate to ponder over what they have done and work hard to fix their life and prepare them to be good members of the public. We also lift their morale after they serve their term and provide them with different types of help so that they can integrate easily in society. We treat everyone equally and provide them with the same services regardless of their crime,” he said.

The facility has a library containing books in different fields. There are also sports halls where the inmates can play football, volleyball, table tennis, billiards and other games.