2nd phase of Beesh dam purification plant open


JAZAN — The General Directorate for Water Services in Jazan region announced the launch of the second phase of the water purification plant in Beesh dam. The project which comes as part of the water distribution sector’s programs to enhance supply in the region will have a daily capacity of 20,000 cubic meters.

Bandar Jabr, director general of water services in Jazan, said the initial daily capacity of purified water in this phase will be 20,000 cubic meters, which will increase gradually to 75,000 cubic meters a day.

“Once all expansion projects, costing SR86 million, are completed, the productivity of the purification plant will finally reach a stunning 150,000 cubic meters per day, an achievement that will greatly enhance water supply operations,” Jabr said.

The plan comes in line with the objectives of the Vision 2030 as it enables maximum utilization of dam water, which directly cuts down the wastage of rainwater.

The director general expressed his thanks to the region’s governor and his deputy for their continuous follow-up and guidance as well as their care for the region and the service projects.

Additionally, the follow-up of the minister of environment, water and agriculture, and the overseeing of the CEO of the National Water Company both had positive impact on the project’s implementation, he added. The project aims to meet customers’ needs, expand services and increase coverage to keep up with the growing demand for drinking water. — SG