Shoura rejects hourly wage proposal

The Shoura Council in its regular session in Riyadh on Tuesday. — SPA

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The Shoura Council rejected on Tuesday a proposal demanding the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to determine the work and wages on an hourly basis instead of the routine monthly basis in the private sector.

The proposal, mooted by a member, Dr. Fahd Juma, was turned down by the Council through a majority vote.

The Council called upon the ministry to launch an initiative aimed at taking care of the children of martyrs and to provide them with support till they become self-reliant.

Yahya Al-Samaan, assistant president of the Council, said that the Council took this decision after it was briefed on the report of the Committee on Social, Family and Youth Affairs with regard to the members’ viewpoints on the report of the ministry.

The Council called on the ministry to develop its strategy to meet the needs of the labor market and monitor the performance of employment channels, in addition to stimulating the non-profit sector to raise the proportion of support to Saudize all administrative jobs and the establishment of a social protection agency.

The Council underlined the need for evaluating the performance of the consulting companies on the basis of a cost-revenue equation.

It also called on the ministry to include in its next reports a detailed plan about the employment agency and the role it has to play to address unemployment.