Recognizing the sacrifices of our soldiers



There is no doubt that the sacrifices of our valiant soldiers defending our borders and protecting civilians are immeasurable and invaluable. Offering them privileges and financial compensation is a way to show our deepest gratitude and appreciation for those heroes who continue to put their lives on the line for all of us by fighting the enemies of our country so that we can all lead an honorable and secure life.

The Crown Prince’s order to pay soldiers at the frontline an extra salary as compensation reflects his recognition and appreciation of the sacrifices made by soldiers. This is not the first time the nation’s leadership has taken this initiative to lift the morale of soldiers. In fact, the initiatives introduced by the nation’s leadership have encouraged local companies to offer privileges and services to soldiers as a way of saying thanks for all the sacrifices they have made and are still making.

It is hoped that the public and private sectors will implement further initiatives because our brave soldiers deserve more recognition. We should help them so that they do not feel worried about providing for their families. No matter what we give our soldiers we will never be able to repay them for sacrificing their lives. But we can at least give them what makes their life and that of their families easier and more stable.

Twitter: @K_Alsuliman