White weapons freely available in local markets, web stores


Saudi Gazette report

A wide range of small arms and white weapons are freely available on web stores and in many commercial shops across the Kingdom. They are even sold on roadsides in a growing trend that security experts and citizens describe as deeply disturbing.

They called on the concerned authorities to intervene and put strict controls on the sale of all sorts of weapons. Vendors selling weapons without obtaining necessary permits from the responsible authorities should be penalized according to the law, they added.

Many teenagers brag about owning weapons that they may use in street fights, which could result in fatalities.

Speaking to Al-Yaum Arabic newspaper, Ibrahim Al-Arfaj, a citizen, said he had noticed on his way to a commercial center weapons being sold on the side of the street. He said they were sold openly and without any fear of monitoring authorities.

“This is disturbing and the thought that anyone can buy and carry these weapons is scary. They may be used in a negative way or to threaten people,” Al-Arfaj said.

Muhammad Al-Dahmashi said white weapons were used in many fights involving teenagers. The authorities should interfere and control the sale of these weapons, he said, adding: “The shop owner often do not realize the danger of selling these weapons, especially to the young people. Only a limited number of shops should be licensed to sell weapons and that too under strict controls. In all circumstances, young people should be prevented from buying them.”

Ibrahim Sawar said buying weapons had become quite easy for anyone. “Some teenagers brag about owning and carrying weapons. They hide them under their belts or in their cars to use when they deem it essential. Young people should be strictly banned from buying weapons of any kind,” Sawar said.

He added, “Peddlers on the street sell white weapons to whoever wants them away from the eyes of the authorities. All what they care about is the profit they make. They are not bothered about the danger their action might pose to the safety of the public.”

Muhammad Arfaj, a security consultant, said the youth should learn how to control their temper. “If they get involved in a verbal fight with someone, they should restrain themselves from using weapons under all circumstances in case the quarrel escalates because the consequences will be grisly,” he said.

“Totally banning the sale of weapons may harm the interests of people who use them in a positive way. We need to increase awareness on the way weapons should be handled,” he added.

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment explained in a press statement that its officials conducted regular inspection visits to general stores and camping-gear shops where white weapons are often sold and make sure that the rules and regulations were being strictly applied.