Saudi doctors should volunteer to help the Kingdom’s poor



There are many Saudis who do volunteer work to help poor people in other countries. These volunteers post news of their charity work on social media, with photos and videos of the work that they have done in various countries.

Among these charity volunteers are Saudi doctors who work in many poor countries, especially in Africa. They perform simple surgeries for hundreds of poor patients.

These doctors should take the initiative to do the same voluntary charity work for elderly people in our country. Many of these people live in small isolated villages in the north and the south of the Kingdom. They are forced to wait a long time for an appointment with a doctor and they have to travel long distances to hospitals in large cities.

These volunteer doctors should start a small medical campaign and travel to the north and south and perform the same medical procedures for the poor and elderly here in Saudi Arabia. There are many hospitals in small cities that have the latest medical equipment for surgeries. They can carry out simple eye surgeries and heart catheterization. Neglecting the first could lead to blindness and the other could lead to death.

These volunteer doctors should spread their human and charity work here in their own country.

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