Nestlé NIDO celebrates Mother’s Day with a song from ‘The Voice Kids’ stars


NESTLÉ NIDO has gathered talented children from the Middle East to celebrate Mother’s Day 2019 with a song written by renowned lyricist Nizar Francis and composed by acclaimed producer Jean Marie Riachi.

The thank you anthem, recognizing mothers’ love and nurturing over the years, includes solo performances from ‘The Voice Kids’ stars George Assi from Lebanon, Bahrain’s Jarrah Al Cha’er, Syria’s Yaeel Al Kassem, Saudi Arabia’s Loujay Al Masrahi, and Lebanon’s Valentina Karaki.

A video clip of the song is available online on, and on social media including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

It follows in the tradition of iconic NIDO songs, including the emotional graduation tune featuring the famous “Children Grew Up with NIDO” statement.

“NIDO believes that there is nothing more powerful yet more demanding than a mother’s love

in preparing children for the future,” said Rainer Mueller, Communications Director at Nestlé Middle East. “We want to support and celebrate every mother’s love to nurture a healthy future for their child, which is why we gathered kids from different parts of the Middle East to sing this tribute.”

Riachi’s inspiration for this unique musical piece stems from magical music boxes that kids used to enjoy opening in previous eras for sweet and catchy melodies. — SG