Death live on social media



The terrible massacre in New Zealand resulted in the death of 50 people and many others injured, all of whom were Muslims who were inside a mosque waiting for Friday prayer. Since the crime took place, media reports have commented on it and on how it happened. This is a terrible crime that is painful to us as Muslims, as it specifically targeted believers in Islam. It shows that humanity is in danger. Killing a peaceful person, no matter what his color or creed is a crime against humanity.

It is dangerous when a person who has a natural tendency to violence finds himself in an environment that feeds on extremism and hatred toward others. The criminal who committed this massacre is a product of a right-wing ideology that preaches hatred toward anyone of a different race or religion. This ideology was adopted by the criminal in his own country, but he was influenced by the same violence that exists in other countries and communities, which signifies that this is a international trend that stresses violence, ethnic cleansing and hatred of others.

The call for global tolerance and coexistence is being attacked by people with a political agenda. They feed their hatred to people with destructive tendencies whose hunger for blood reaches a level beyond imagination.

You only need to instill an abhorrent idea in the head of such people to get a serious crime. Who would have ever believed that a time would come when a person would take the lives of innocent people and air his crime live on social media?

In the end, all we can say is God bless the souls of those who died in this terrorist attack.

Twitter: @HamoodAbutalib