Theater show sheds light on capabilities of the deaf


JEDDAH — Dar Al-Hekma University recently organized a CSR event to raise public awareness about the needs of the deaf who represent an important segment of society.

The attendees of the event, entitled «Social Responsibility ... Humanitarian Quality,» included Princess Nouf Bint Muqrin, Princess Alanoud Bint Muhammad Al-Saud, Princess Maha Bint Fahd Al-Saud, Khairiyah Rahimi, Soad Al-Juffali, Omama Abbar, Wafa Mahmoud Abbar, wife and daughter of Saleh Al-Turki, Mrs. Abdulelah Bin Mahfouz, Sultana Ali Reza and Leena Al-Maeena.

A theater show in sign language was presented during the event, accompanied by musical pieces in sign language. Educational segments on hearing impairment were organized to highlight the great capabilities the deaf people possess and how to empower them and make them integrate easily in society.

Dr. Suhair Al-Qurashi, president of Dar Al-Hekma University, said the physically challenged constitute basic foundation of the university›s social responsibility policy. «Such events are held to promote sign language and enhance communication with the physically challenged and remove any language barrier. It is important that they become aware of their rights as members of society and are provided with better health and rehabilitation services,» Al-Qurashi said.

«Some of the deaf people have better capabilities than their healthy counterparts. They are capable of displaying such powers whenever they have proper support and find persons who believe in them. This is our aim from such event,» she said.

Dr. Sameera Dehaithem, dean of School of Health Behavioral Sciences and Education, said, «The world of the deaf is not far away from us, but also not close to us. It is a mysterious world about which we know nothing except its name but the reality on the ground is different. The deaf are among us, yet we cannot see but their bodies. On their faces and eyes, there are a thousand questions. They are silent, thinking deeply in complete silence while we know nothing about them. Our lack of knowledge has increased their isolation. Yes, we do sympathize with them for a moment but once we leave the place we forget them and their special world. ... We have contributed to their isolation.» — SG