Okaz board reviews cost-cutting measures, new administrative structure

The board of directors of Okaz Organization for Press and Publications meets in Jeddah.

Saudi Gazette report

The board of directors of Okaz Organization for Press and Publications met in Jeddah to review the new administrative structure of the organization. The meeting called for measures to achieve a balance between the company’s revenue and expenditure.

The board, meeting under its chairman Abdullah Saleh Kamel, discussed the performance of the organization and steps necessary to increase interaction with readers and advertisers with the websites and social media platforms of the company’s publications with a view to generating more income.

The board discussed the outcome of measures taken to reduce projected administrative and editorial expenses in the company’s budget for 2019.

It directed the management to prepare the 2020 budget achieving a balance between the revenue and expenditure.

The board reviewed the proposed administrative structure of the organization after merging tasks and responsibilities of various sectors.

The board considered the general budget for 2019, closing accounts for 2018 and other relevant matters so as to present them to the organization’s annual general assembly meeting on May 4.

The meeting was attended by Hamad Al-Qadi, Walid Bin Mahfouz, Dr. Tarik Fadaq, Dr. Mussalam Bin Mussalam, Dr. Amin Saati, Director General Walid Qattan and Editor-in-Chief of Okaz Jameel Altheyabi.

Secretary of the board Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Battah followed up the meeting.