Al Falak honors employees, plans regional expansion

Ahmed Ashadawi, President and CEO, Al Falak and Al-Khaleej Group, delivers his remarks at the annual staff recognition event

JEDDAH — Al Falak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co., a leading IT and communications solutions provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), honored several senior employees who have served the longest in the company at the annual staff recognition event of Al Falak and Al-Khaleej Group. Ahmed Ashadawi, President and CEO, Al Falak, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, the directors of departments and divisions and many employees attended the awarding ceremony.

The event was held in support of the distinguished efforts of employees who have served and dedicated 40 years helping the company achieve its objectives and move its work toward higher levels of excellence, progress and success.

Ashadawi lauded all the employees for their role and sincere efforts which have created a huge impact in helping the company achieve its goals and growth plans over the years. He highlighted the importance of employees as the main driver behind Al Falak’s continuing efforts to become a leading provider of technology-based integrated solutions in the Middle East. He added that the Group plans to expand its market by providing integrated technology solutions throughout the region and maintaining its leading position in the booming IT sector by developing product portfolios and services which focus on adding value to consumers.

Ashadawi noted: “Our plan for this year is expansion and growth. We aim to achieve this by building new strategic partnerships, developing existing partnerships, offering internal efficiency programs in key areas such as e-commerce, the development of human resources, and supporting our Saudi employees which comprise more than 56 percent of the group's employees. This recognition is a testament to our relentless commitment to strengthen our relationship with our employees and appreciate their efforts to improve and reach higher levels of excellence and growth.”

He also pointed out that the group will focus on investments towards training Saudi nationals in various disciplines, including English, administrative and financial skills, as well as call centers, in addition to private schools and preparatory years in public universities.

The number of Al Falak employees reached more than 2,200, including 880 Saudis. The company also has 95 percent of the employees with higher degree education. — SG