Brotherhood and Hamadain: Erdogan dummies


Those who follow the policies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan know the extent of his madness and constant frenzy to become the “new Ottoman” caliph, by exploiting the unrest in some Arab countries. He uses the Muslim Brotherhood outfit to achieve his goals and plans. He has provided its leaders and cadres a safe haven in his country and granted them licenses to establish satellite channels for the purpose of incitement, extortion and distortion as well as to attack countries through the marketing of lies and outdated slogans.

Erdogan has sought to strengthen his friendship with the Hamadain regime, which represents the misguided Muslim Brotherhood’s fortune. He also forged an alliance with Iran’s Mullah Regime in search of cover that allowed him to truncate the northern part of Syria without any opposition from the allies of Bashar Al-Assad.

Erdogan’s position with regard to the case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is perhaps the most striking example of the Machiavellian ploy of the “Sick Man of Europe.” Erdogan mobilizes his pro-Brotherhood Turkish media, including television channels and newspapers, to incite the world against Saudi Arabia and its leadership while at the same time wanting to keep a channel open to Riyadh because if the latter withdraws its huge investments in Turkey or warns its citizens not to spend their holidays there, that would deal a severe blow to the Turkish economy, which is already experiencing an annual inflation rate of more than 20 percent.

Erdogan does not hesitate to instruct newspapers affiliated with his ruling pro-Brotherhood party to attack Riyadh as well as to circulate leaked and fabricated stories. He has made speeches and given televised interviews in which he has repeated the same accusations and unsubstantiated allegations, slandering Saudi Arabia.

It is evident that Erdogan’s reliance on the insurgent Muslim Brotherhood targets not only the security of Saudi Arabia or Egypt, but also that of all Arab states. He sees Brotherhood people as the only ones who are working to restore the so-called Islamic caliphate, which is in fact an Ottoman caliphate that permitted the occupation of land and the shedding of blood of Muslims in all Arab countries. It committed the worst crimes in those countries, such as murder, violence, looting and liquidations - all in the name of Islam.

Which Arab state yearns to revive this oppressive colonial Ottoman regime, which is in fact politicizing religion and exploiting it to achieve the purposes of Arab and non-Arab Brotherhood people? There is no single Arab country willing to voluntarily relinquish its sovereignty and territory so that Erdogan and his misguided advisors of Hamadain and the Brotherhood can rule them by defining their policies, determining their positions and taking advantage of their natural and material wealth.

Erdogan has made intensive efforts to convince US President Donald Trump that the United States should abandon its strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia, making Turkey the alternative. He wants to be the big power in the Middle East, but Washington has refused the Turkish plea and adheres to Saudi Arabia and its balanced and candid policy so that it can continue to play its vital role in leading the Arab and Islamic world.

It is clear that Erdogan’s hardcore Islamist position with some secular tendencies is tantamount to a rock on which he has shattered all his attempts to persuade the European Union over the years to include Turkey as a member state or at least create a situation that allows it to take advantage of the enormous commercial and industrial opportunities available in the 27 EU member states.

Erdogan also went to Africa, in his bid to stab the Arabs in the back, trying to acquire naval and air bases in countries located along the borders of the Arab world, but these attempts also ended in failure. He believes that with a diplomatic “ploy,” he can penetrate the Arab wall.

It is certain that the world should incriminate and ban the Muslim Brotherhood and expose those who stand behind their conspiracies and plans to restore the Ottoman Caliphate state, which does not recognize the sovereign borders of existing states. At the head of these efforts is the Erdogan regime. The whole world was massed against the Ottoman Empire and annihilated it completely during the First World War. The fate of Erdogan’s ambition will be nothing more than that of the last Ottoman ruler, the “sick man of Europe.”

The whole world has demonstrated a unified political will to confront the meddling of the Brotherhood that drives Erdogan, Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, as well as his father and uncle, as if they were dummies in its hands.

— The author is a Saudi writer. Follow him on Twitter: @JameelAlTheyabi