JMIAWR elects president and office bearers for the year 2019-2020

JMIAWR office-bearers in a group photograph. — Courtesy photo

JEDDAH — Well-known Indian community member and senior Jamia alumnus Nadeem Alam was elected President of the Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni, Western Region (JMIAWR). It was carried forward with full support of all the members.

Other elected JMIAWR office-bearers are: Shamshad Ali Ansari (vice president), Dr. Muhammad Aslam (general secretary), Zaheer Arif (treasurer) and Kauser Nafees (vice president — ladies wing).

Dr. Muhammad Aslam is working as an Assistant Professor at King Abdul Aziz University and had done his Masters and PhD in chemistry from Jamia Millia Islamia.

Mrs. Kauser Nafees, daughter of late Professor Anwer Siddiqui (head of the English Department, Jamia MIllia Islamia) has been elected for the post of Vice-President (Ladies Wing) with full support. She is a prominent social worker.

The elected committeehas decided to nominate Mohammad Mehmood Zameer and Iftikhar Ahsan as members of the advisory committee.

Other nominated executive members (men) are: Syed Mohammed Ayaz, Ansar Qadeer, Azeem Khan, Khalid Khan, Shamim Nadwi, Kamran Saleem and Masih uz Zaman. Executive members (women) include: Shehnaz Faiz and Rukhsana Anjum.

The committee has selected Akhlaque, Mottahir Alam, Ghayas Server, Shariq Ahmad, Mohammad Anwer as the coordinators of the association.

The alumni hosted a grand Iftaar. Dr. Khalid Moin, professor, faculty of engineering of Jamia Millia Islamia attended the event with his family. Dr. Khalid has served as head of the Civil Department and dean of the engineering faculty. It was of immense pleasure to meet such a mentor and many spent time with him.

The event was indeed an evening that brought together the traditional values of togetherness and bonding. The gathering witnessed a large number of members along with the ladies after a long time. The ambience was very friendly and relaxed.

It is a great moment that the alumni members have come together joining hands towards a unified and progressive association. The association aims at moving forward in a constructive and concrete way, spreading the values of unity and maintaining the bond of togetherness as the institution has imbibed in its alumnus.

The panel has been formed with great cooperation and commitment among the members. Also, it is a well awaited development that includes the selfless efforts of the alumni’s Ex-President Naweid Asif Siddiqui and ex-general secretary, Syed Naseem Ahmad.

A special thanks was extended to the senior and respected Jamiaites, Kamran Saleem, Shamim Ahmad Nadwi, Syed Taha Nadwi, Syed Muhammad Ayaz, Zia Ahmad, Ahmer Qadir, Mohammad Mehmood Zameer and all alumni members for their presence and support.

The elected President shared his views with the members, and said, “I am really looking forward to working with the committee members to put together a diversity of events that reaches great heights and would be accomplished collectively.”