Mother of missing Saudi pilot: My son has no enmity with anyone

Abdullah Al-Shareef

By Sara Al-Shareef

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The mother of Saudi trainee pilot Abdullah Al-Shareef, who has been missing in the Philippines for about 10 days, ruled out any personal enmity behind her son’s disappearance.

Abdullah went missing in Occidental Mindoro island in the Philippines during a training flight with his Filipino trainer.

In several telephone calls Abdullah’s mother received from him, the last of which was one day before he went missing, he said he was receiving good treatment from all including his trainer.

He was happy that he would graduate within two months. He conveyed his experience to fly a plane alone for the first time.

She said that Abdullah and his brother had arrived in the island 10 days ago for training. She said her other two sons are now in the Philippines to follow up on the case.

Mystery shrouds the disappearance of Abdullah, who is studying aviation along with his brother at their own expense in the Philippines.

Neither Abdullah nor the Filipino trainer accompanying him has been found till now.

The plane’s wreckage has also not been found.

According to the family, a fisherman had found a bag containing the trainer’s identity card, bank cards and photos.

The family said that a colleague of their missing son Abdullah had telephoned him on his mobile one week after he had gone missing. He received a reply from a woman, who spoke for five minutes. Then she ended the call.