Al-Ahsa set to be among 14 hottest cities today: GAMEP


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

Fourteen Saudi cities are expected to register highest temperatures today (Sunday), with 49 degrees Celsius (Centigrade) in Al-Ahsa, followed by Hafr Al-Batin with 48, Dammam and Riyadh with 45, Makkah and Buraidah with 44, Madinah and Qunfudha with 42, Arar and Yanbu with 40; and Jeddah, Bisha, Hail and Sakaka with 39, the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection (GAMEP) said Saturday in its weather forecast.

It further said that the weather will be hot to extremely hot in the Eastern Province, with these conditions extending to the eastern parts of Central Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, gusty winds are expected to kick dust and cause low visibility in the southern parts of the western coast of the Red Sea. After midday, rain bearing thunderclouds are expected to form over Jazan, Asir and Al-Baha highlands, GAMEP said.

Surface winds in the Red Sea are expected to be northerly to northwesterly with speeds ranging between 18 and 45 kph. In the Arabian Gulf there will be northerly to northwesterly winds with speeds ranging between 16 and 38 kph.

Consultant internist Dr. Issam Sayyid warned against exposure to direct sunlight or hot weather during the day. He called on the public to take lot of fluids so as to compensate the fluids lost by perspiration (sweating), especially workers in the field.

Dr. Sayyid stressed the necessity to switch on the air-conditioner while driving to prevent the effects of the hot weather, including feeling dryness in the mouth and developing headache.