Saudi Arabia's NIC obtains star certification in cloud computing

Saudi National Information Center (NIC) of the State Security Presidency

RIYADH — The National Information Center (NIC) of the State Security Presidency has obtained Global Star ISO certification accredited at Cloud Security Alliance for providing cloud-computing services from BSI (British Standards Institution) Group as the first government agency in the Kingdom to obtain such a global certification.

This new achievement reflects the NIC's keenness to adopt the best international practices in all its departments and services being provided to government and private agencies and individuals through the best technical and global means to upgrade the efficiency of the business and provide a technical environment capable of maintaining the privacy and safety of data and various national technical assets in NIC.

The National Information Center has achieved this national accomplishment after reviewing controls and procedures being applied by the BSI Group as one of global certification agencies in this field.

Saudi Arabia established the National Information Center in 1979 under the name "Computer Center" to implement an information system project for the Ministry of Interior. The next year the center was renamed the "General Administration of Central Information" making it one of the most important departments of the ministry. In 1982 (1402 AH), a decision by the Supreme Committee for Administrative Reform has changed its name to National Information Center (NIC).

Since its beginning more than three decades ago, the Center received great support and care from the then Interior Minister Prince Naif (may Allah bless his soul), enabling it to serve all of the ministry sectors using the best and latest computers worldwide.

The center provides IT solutions and services to the ministry's sectors as well as other government agencies in various parts of the Kingdom through its branches making it one of the largest IT centers in the Middle East region. — SG/SPA