Saudi Customs to apply ‘reciprocity’ to overcome export barriers


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

The General Customs Authority has started applying the principle of “reciprocity” to the imports of countries that impose conditions, restrictions or obstacles on exports of Saudi products in violation of bilateral, regional or international agreements, Okaz/Saudi Gazette has learned from informed sources.

According to the Customs decision, the application of the principle of “reciprocity” will be in accordance with the conditions, restrictions and obstacles placed by those countries so as to ensure their compliance with these agreements, without any legal consequences for the Kingdom.

The application of the principle will be in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.

A source familiar with this move said that this step was taken after the Council of Economic and Development Affairs made a comprehensive presentation about this in front of the Council of Ministers and this paper was titled “Exporting in the Kingdom: Current status, challenges and next steps.”