Border Guards rescue 6 persons who got stuck in Empty Quarter

Border Guards personnel pose with the six persons rescued from the Empty Quarter. — SPA

Saudi Gazette report

The land patrols of the Border Guards rescued six persons of various nationalities whose cars got stuck in the sands in a remote area of the Empty Quarter, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) has reported.

The six persons were three Danes, two Saudis and a Canadian.

Lt.Col. Musfir Bin Ghannam Al-Qiraini said they received information from a citizen that two cars carrying six people were stuck in the sands of the Empty Quarter about 84 km to the west of the Supply and Support Center of the Border Guards.

"We immediately communicated with the six persons, determined their location and dispatched the patrols of the Border Guards to proceed to them and give them the necessary assistance," he said.

The spokesman said the patrols freed the cars, ensured that the six people were in good health and allowed them to continue their journey.

He said the center has been established to intensify the security presence in the area, to participate in the search and rescue operations and provide the needy with ambulance services.

The spokesman asked the picnickers and the desert adventurers to be more careful and to follow the safety instructions.

"People in distress should call 994, the emergency telephone number of the Border Guards, to obtain the needed help," he said.