120 Saudi female engineers in Taif jobless for over five years

Saudi female engineers getting hands-on field training. — Okaz photo

By Abdul Karim Al-Dhiyabi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

About 120 Saudi female engineers in Taif have not been gainfully employed since they graduated from the university more than five years ago, according to a data released by the Committee of Engineers in this summer resort city.

The women engineers were specialized in architecture, civil engineering, internal design, decor and other specialties.

These women engineers are requesting authorities to enable them to replace expatriate engineers who are dominating the jobs in the city's more than 1,600 engineering companies and offices.

Abdulaziz Bin Aish, chairman of the Committee of Engineers, said their databank confirmed that there were more than 120 Saudi female engineers who have been jobless since they graduated from the university more than five years ago.

He said the women engineers were planning to hold a meeting with the committee to discuss giving them the opportunity to replace expatriate engineers in contacting companies.

Aish said the engineering work does not require physical presence of the engineer in the office s women engineers can work from away from the office. He said engineering offices and contracting companies can accommodate a large number of women engineers, especially in the housing projects.