3.7mn illegal expatriates arrested; 918,203 deported since Nov. 2017

About 3.7 million expatriates were in violation of the residency regulation, 572,573 the labor laws and 242,527 the border security system. — Courtesy photo

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

Over 3.7 million violators of residency laws, labor regulation and border security system have been arrested since November 2017, of whom 918,203 were deported to their respective countries, “A Nation Free of Violators” campaign report released on Friday said. About 19 ministries and government departments, including the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat), are part of the campaign to get rid of illegal foreigners throughout the Kingdom. The report said a total of 4.18 million violators were apprehended in all regions of the Kingdom.

Of these, 3.18 million expatriates were in violation of the residency regulation and 572,573 were in violation of labor laws. Violators of the border security system were 242,527. The campaign said some 62,852 people were apprehended while attempting to infiltrate into the Kingdom through its southern borders. They consisted of 51 percent Ethiopians, 46 percent Yemenis and three percent people of various other nationalities. It said some 2,718 people were caught while attempting to leave the Kingdom illegally. The campaign said 4,139 people including 1,543 Saudis were accused of providing accommodation and transport to a number of illegal expatriates. Some 1,457 Saudis were investigated, punished and released while 86 are still being probed.

The report said 15,556 expatriates, consisting of 13,306 men and 2,250 women are currently kept in detention centers.

Summary penalties were handed out to 521,252 violators.

The campaign said 474,221 violators were referred to their pertinent embassies and consulates to issue them travel documents while 617,581 were completing their bookings for outbound journeys. Meanwhile, some 918,203 violators were deported.