The importance of Putin’s visit



The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Riyadh next week underlines the steps taken by Saudi Arabia to strengthen its relations with Russia after the boycott following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

These relations are important in light of the fact that the commitments of Western countries that are allies of the Kingdom are sometimes affected due to the war in Yemen or some rights issues on whose definitions they differ.

The Kingdom, which faces regional challenges related to the safety and security of its citizens and territory, cannot remain at the mercy of the moods and whims of Western governments that affect its interests and must instead defend its sovereignty, interests and security.

For this reason, openness to countries like Russia, China and South Korea strengthens political and economic relations and enhances options for armaments to support the Saudi military in order to face regional challenges.

Establishing strong relations with Russia, which plays an major role in the region’s events and has influential relations with Iran, grants Saudi policies more flexibility in striking balances that safeguard its interests and supports its position on regional and global issues. It also alleviates the pressure that can be exerted by some political forces in Western countries to the detriment of Saudi interests.

The Russian President will find a warm welcome and hospitality at the popular level, as Saudis are convinced that their country’s interests are linked to openness in all directions and not towards the West alone, in order to achieve their interests and enhance their capabilities in confronting an ever changing world.