New world order?


There seems to be a new world order being formed these days that is an alternative to that which arose after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The most important feature of this new order is Brexit, which was developed in decision-making centers of major British universities to prepare the British public to focus on the harm of staying in the European market.

Brexit proponents highlight the fact that while America recovered from the global financial crisis relatively quickly, Europe continues to suffer from it due to bureaucratic complexities and conflicts of fiscal policy that have damaged Britain’s strong economy.

Another issue emphasized by those who want Britain to leave Europe is the enormous damage caused by the migration of European labor to the British market, which has contributed to the high unemployment rate in the United Kingdom. America today is betting on itself and its ability to persuade its “most important” ally to be its first economic partner as a more attractive alternative to the European market, perhaps as a “carrot” to entice other countries to make the same bold move.

The features of the new global regime have cast a shadow over the massive popular revolutionary movement in Lebanon. The US withdrawal from northern Syria and the endangering the Kurdish “minority” in the face of Turkish military aggression have had a great impact on the position of the Walid Jumblatt bloc with regard to a decision to resign from the government.

There is also a question of the possibility of a new regional deal that is being prepared to rearrange the region’s geopolitical cards with a Russian entry into the Middle East after the US withdrawal.

Putin does not want rivals and in addition his personal sensitivity and dissatisfaction with armed fundamentalist Islamic groups based on previous experiences makes Hassan Nasrallah confused, afraid and very worried.

The features of the new world order are not yet complete or entirely clear. Israel, for example, must calculate the repercussions for itself of American withdrawal from the region as a whole and the possible end of US protection. America is focusing its resources and those of its allies on its first task, which is confronting China, and this will be at the expense of everything else.