MWL chief meets US Congress members, religious leaders


WASHINGTON — Secretary General of the Makkah-based Muslim World League (MWL) Sheikh Mohammed Al-Issa held talks with a number of members of the US Congress and religious leaders here during his current visit to the United States.

During the meeting, Congressman John Curtis lauded the important role being played by Al-Issa, on behalf of MWL, in promoting ties between nations and peoples. He also appreciated the efforts of MWL in addressing the rhetoric of extremism. They discussed a number of issues of common interest.

Al-Issa also met member of the House of Representatives Debbie Dingle, who represents the state of Michigan, which hosts the largest Muslim community in the United States. Debbie appreciated the MWL chief’s efforts to encourage religious minorities to integrate with other members of the society.

For his part, Al-Issa stressed that the MWL’s approach is to continuously call on Muslims and all minorities to abide by the constitutions of their respective countries and laws, and not to receive religious fatwas from external parties.

In another meeting, Al-Issa and US Senator Barry Black discussed a number of issues of common interest, especially ways to consolidate religious and national harmony in societies with religious and ethnic diversity, and the need to coordinate between religious institutions in the world in order to spread the spirit of tolerance and love among the members of the community.

Meanwhile, the National Council on US-Arab Relations (NCUSAR) hosted an open dialogue with the MWL chief and it was attended by a number of politicians, intellectuals, media persons and religious leaders.

Speaking on the occasion, Al-Issa stressed the importance of communication and dialogue among followers of religions and cultures to further enhance understanding and cooperation between them.

He answered questions from the audience, including researchers and academics, highlighting MWL’s activities in promoting world peace and harmony.

NCUSAR awarded the “Order of the Council” to Al-Issa. The Council President John Duke noted that Al-Issa is the first international expert to receive this medal for his international efforts on behalf of MWL.

Thanking the president and members of the council for this honor, Al-Issa affirmed the adherence of MWL to its approach to spread good and strengthen human ties in its bid to achieve its common goals.