SR1,000 fine for cancelling ‘Exit Only Visa’ after expiry


By Ibrahim Alawi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

Conversion of a visit visa to a ‘Resident (Muqeem) ID’ is forbidden according to regulations, the Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) has emphasized. It further said that in case a resident does not leave the country after being issued an “Exit Only Visa” (Final Exit Visa) during the 60 days validity period of the visa, he will be fined SR1,000. This is with the purpose of nullifying the visa and getting a new one issued, on condition that the “Muqeem ID” is valid so that he can complete his exit procedures.

The Jawazat has asserted that if the expatriate does not return to the Kingdom during the validity period of the “Exit/Reentry Visa”, he will be barred from returning to the Kingdom for a period of three years. After that he can return to the same sponsor (kafeel).

It added that it can be registered electronically that “the expatriate has left the Kingdom and has not returned” without the need to visit the Jawazat offices. This should be after the passing of 60 days following the expiry of the expatriate’s “Exit Reentry Visa”.

Once the “Exit/Reentry Visa” has been issued, it cannot be amended. However, it can be cancelled and a new one issued after paying the required fee again.

The Jawazat has stressed that an expatriate who has not renewed his “Muqeem ID” will be fined after a tree-day grace period.

The delay in renewing one’s “Muqeem ID” (Iqama) is punishable by a fine of SR500 for the first time. On repeating the violation, the expatriate will be fined SR1,000. In the third instance, the violator will be deported from the Kingdom.

The Jawazat has stressed the importance of paying the fees for transferring a housemaid from one sponsor to another, clarifying that the fee differs with the number of times of transfer.