4 independent firms to compete in Saudi electricity generation

4 independent firms to compete in Saudi electricity generation


By Fatima Muhammad

JEDDAH  — Hadi Al-Shamari, head of the Power Generation Excellence Program, said four companies will be competing in the electricity generation in the Kingdom, just like the case with telecommunication companies. This will create a competitive environment, he noted, explaining that they have 48 power stations in the kingdom.

He said that they are now operating a virtual company to test the success of their move and added that they will then be ready to allow the four companies to operate in a smooth transfer of operations.

After the operation of these companies, consumers will be able to decide which service and which company they prefer.

He expected that the companies will be ready to operate by 2018 and noted that they are looking for strategic partnerships and are giving more focus to solar power and wind energy. He added that there are already two stations of this kind.

Al-Shamrani said their excellence program has been operating in four regions and they have provided workshops to 300 managers and employees. The goal is to enhance skills of participants and improve management efficiency. The program will start moving to other regions gradually, he aded.

Al-Shamrani was speaking on the sidelines of the three-day 8th Management and Business Forum held here at Jeddah under the title «Management Leadership and its Role in Change and Success of Saudi Vision 2030.