AAC outlines goals, honors outstanding employees

AAC outlines goals, honors outstanding employees

AAC outlines goals, honors outstanding employees

Automotive, the largest dealer of General Motors in KSA and the Middle East, held its annual kick off meeting to outline the management’s goals according to the company’s general strategy. Moreover, it reviewed the performance of AAC during 2016 and honored outstanding employees. The meeting was attended by members of the executive board and regional managers of the company, led by Sheikh Ibrahim Aljomaih, vice chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Aljomaih Automotive Company.

Sheikh Waleed Aljomaih, chief operating officer of Aljomaih Automotive, welcomed the gathering. He expressed his gratitude and thankfulness to the employees, noting their efforts during the past year, and hoped for continuous prosperity at AAC to preserve the elite status of the company in its sector, while forging ahead on a path of steady improvement.

He added, “That meeting has turned into an annual tradition that we make sure to hold at the beginning of every year, because we believe in the importance of sharing the latest company developments and plans with our employees. After all, they are the most important element in accomplishing our goals, which are centered on reinforcing our brand and preserving our elite status in the industry. We seek to achieve those ambitions by constantly striving to improve our capabilities and performance level, while improving our services to ensure supreme levels of customer service. These are our goals at that stage.”

Afterward, Sheikh Walid discussed the strategies of the company and mentioned the numerous goals for 2017. Moreover, he emphasized the eagerness and determination of everyone involved to accomplish all laid out plans accurately and methodically.

The annual meeting was rife with the spirit of motivation and challenge, as it was attended by the first Saudi national to conquer Mount Everest and raise the country’s flag on the highest peak of the world. Champion Farouk Saad Al-Zoman delivered a motivating lecture about his audacious experience, the challenges he faced and lessons he learnt. His words served as a great inspirational factor for employees to give it their all while trying to achieve their goals.

Additionally, the annual meeting featured numerous workshops and the presentation of practical plans, besides the issuance of recommendations and ideas for developing the services presented to AAC customers. They include, for example, developing the performance of various divisions, sales department, customer service, maintenance, aftersales service and spare parts.

At the end of the meeting, AAC honored all employees who spent more than 15 years at the company, in a sign of gratitude for their devotion and achievements during that period. Furthermore, AAC honored high-achieving employees for their impressive performance during 2016, by presenting to them commemorative shields and certificates of appreciation.

Representing General Motors since 1967, Aljomaih Automotive is the largest GM dealer in the Middle East, and one of the largest in the world. The company’s network is unique in covering all three main regions of Saudi Arabia, in addition to other small regions. The sole distributor of Cadillac, the company’s range of vehicles also includes Chevrolet and GMC. Aljomaih Automotive Company enjoys a well-established reputation for trustworthiness, value and customer service. — SG