Annan Real Estate in deal to build Boss Tower in Riyadh

Annan Real Estate in deal to build Boss Tower in Riyadh

Bandar Al Dahik and Fahd Al Ghebrel during the signing of agreement
Bandar Al Dahik and Fahd Al Ghebrel during the signing of agreement

RIYADH — Annan Real Estate, a leading company in the field of marketing and real estate development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, concluded an agreement with Opal to build an office tower in the heart of the capital, north of Mousa Bin Nusair Street and east of Al Habib Hospital in the commercial strip, in the most important vital centers in Riyadh. The Boss Tower consists of 35 floors with a different design, which is considered as private hold offices for businessmen, companies and organizations. This office tower was designed in conformity with the international standards.
On this occasion, Bandar Al Dahik, general manager of Annan Real Estate, said «this agreement is a positive step toward achieving our goal; to reach and provide better services to qualified real estate investors in a practical way, in proportion to their diverse investment needs and in collaboration with trusted companies.

He added that this agreement, which aims at constructing and marketing of the tower, helps to consolidate the prospects for cooperation between the two companies by facilitating the ways necessary to build this investment project which witnesses a growing demand in the Saudi market.

Al Dahik noted that they, in Anan Real Estate, design, develop, construct and promote the Boss Office Tower to be sold as off plan.

Total office tower number of floors is expected to be around thirty-five floors and selling shall be available within few months with flexible areas.

Tower design and execution shall be in line with current architectural tendencies with a positive future perspective through marvelous views. The tower has sufficient parking, secure, speed elevators and concierge services provided by Anan to purchasers in this project.

Anan Real Estate has many projects in 2017, the first of which is Almohra Plan located in the north side of Riyadh, Abu Abu Bakr El Seddik Road, covering 370,000 meters. This project is also the first of its kind in the Middle East, which is considered five stars world restaurants tower. It is also one of the most commercial international marks in food world around the world “Tour Tras”. The tower is located in the north of international center in King Fahd Road in Riyadh. The company also has Anan housing project, which consists of 950 housing units in the east side of Riyadh City, to be launched this year.