‘Consmix’ exhibition winning over crowd of young females, brides

‘Consmix’ exhibition winning over crowd of young females, brides

‘Consmix’ exhibition winning over crowd of young females, brides

By Shahd Alhamdan
Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — The annual exhibition of Jeddah’s National Consumer Industries ‘Consmix’ sees huge numbers of visitors and succeeded in attracting, young females, brides and pregnant women.

The exhibition, organized by the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), started on May,11, and will continue until May 24, at the Jeddah Centre for Events and Forums.

The exhibition covers a variety of products such as clothes, perfumes, make-up, accessories, traditional gifts, and many Ramadan’s products like lanterns are presented in the exhibition. Several local food companies are showcasing their products, too.  Egyptian, Syrian, and Indian dresses for women of all ages are also available.

Salwa Ahmed, a newly married Saudi female in her 20s, explained that she comes every year to this exhibition and she likes to buy thobes and Ramadan decorations.  “This year I bought several Ramadan costumes since some of the exhibitors are selling the thobe in a cheaper prices than last year. Yet, some are still selling expensive pieces. I also purchased some foodstuff for my new house.”

Abeer Khalid, a pregnant Saudi in her 30s, said  “I found several pieces that can fit me easily during Ramadan without worrying about the size. I also bought some lanterns for my family members as gifts. This exhibition suits small and big families and I enjoy visiting it.”

Sami, a Syrian exhibitor selling new fashionable thobes, said this year many young females and teenagers are buying from him more than last year since then women above 40s were buying more.

He added, many visitors were buying from them and they expect to earn more profits than previous years.

One visitor, Mona Khalid, said this year the quality of displayed products, particularly the thobes, was better. However, the variety of choices is less than before and most of the exhibitors are selling same styles.