femi9 hosts VIP clients to stylish Suhoor event

femi9 hosts VIP clients to stylish Suhoor event

Nadine Nassib Njeim
Nadine Nassib Njeim

JEDDAH — femi9, Saudi Arabia’s leading fashion design house, hosted a group of its most valuable clients along with a number of fashion-world VIPs to celebrate Ramadan with an exclusive Suhoor in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a private residence in upscale north Jeddah on June 14th. The intimate gathering also gave femi9 partners, supporters and friends an opportunity to celebrate the line’s most recent brand achievements.

Adding an additional touch of glamor and excitement was femi9 Brand Ambassador, Lebanese actress and former Miss Lebanon, Nadine Nassib Njeim. The appointment of Mrs. Njeim to this role marks the first time that femi9 has designated a Brand Ambassador.

“We are very excited to welcome Mrs. Njeim on her first trip to Saudi Arabia in this capacity,” said femi9 Marketing Manager, Yousra Elwi. “We believe that as a strong-willed, accomplished and glamorous woman, she portrays our target customer – the socially outgoing Arab woman who takes on a romantically warm glow that makes her stand out from the crowd when dressed in femi9 signature collection.”

femi9, which opened its first store in Riyadh in 1999, has been listed in the Arabian Growth 500 as one of the top growth companies in the region, having opened the doors to its 63rd retail outlet earlier this year. From its single store debut in the capital, femi9 has expanded around the Kingdom and the region, with stores in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Syria.

While keeping pace with the needs and desires of its clientele, femi9 has also recognized the need to engage in the important e-market trend that has swept the globe and is now available through numerous online stores. It has also launched a national CSR campaign, Women Appreciation Month (WAM), dedicated to promoting the indispensable role played by women in Saudi Arabia.

The fruits of a family textile business launch in 1963, femi9 operates today under the guidance of CEO Eyad Mashat, who continues the family legacy and embraces the vision to grow the locally renowned fashion chain to an international brand of Arabic prestige.

The addition of Mrs. Njeim to the femi9 team is expected to draw attention to the brand, especially across the Middle East. Mrs. Njeim is well-known for her award-winning performances in a number of well-received Lebanese feature TV series.

“I am honored that femi9 thought of me when they settled on the idea of a brand ambassador,” Mrs. Njeim commented. “I have always been a fan of their fashion sense and the opportunity to participate in the growth of an Arab fashion house, promoting the taste and style of the modern Arab woman, is really important in today’s world.” — SG