Focus on awareness, coordination: Forum

Focus on awareness, coordination: Forum

Focus on awareness, coordination: Forum

THE General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection held recently in Jeddah The Saudi Green Building Forum “saaf” and speakers and delegations of The Forum for Environmental Societies and Voluntaries organizations highlighted the importance awareness campaigns and coordination of programs between the associations and the Authority.

“The Forum appreciates the efforts of the Environment Initiative, which oversees the Kingdom’s environmental and sustainable development strategies, and the members of the professional team, who are keen to adopt the principles of achieving Saudi Arabia’s environmental strategies and enhancing the vision of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in 2030, environmental and economic benefit for the security and safety and human health and the environment in order to improve the quality of life and well-being of communities,” Faisal Alfadl, general secretary of Saudi Green Building Forum, said.

The Joint Charter of the Assembly outlined the importance of highlighting the awareness campaigns and coordination of programs between the associations and the Authority and the concerned bodies to exchange experiences, services and consultations between the associations between their partners and their allies, in addition to the Commission.

A representative of the aassociation was recommended to be involved with the Department of Public Relations of the Authority and provide it with the annual report and announcement in addition to the above proposals for the importance of the adoption of the ten principles of saaf, which was presented to the trial session data and on the sidelines of the meeting.

“The principles and principles stipulated by the Environment Law and the joint document presented at the meeting and at all levels are important to encourage and motivate the efforts of all parties and persons to contribute to the protection of the environment and the dissemination of knowledge and awareness,” said Dr. Mohammed Bin Saied Al Surf, speaker at Saudi Green Building Forum.

The meeting focused on the importance of the framework of common concern for the issues of sustainable development and the works that serve the preservation of the environment for the specialized environmental associations operating under the supervision of the General Authority for Meteorology and Environment Protection to support the directions of the Kingdom in enhancing the educational role and awareness of all members of society in cooperation with all governmental and private sectors, and civil societies.

Dr. Al Surf pointed out “directing the national capacities to give and give in the responsibility of protecting the environment and sustainable development and providing the appropriate climate that serves the aspirations and contributes to its success, and governs the programs of associations and voluntary organizations and holds the members of the Convention responsibility for leadership and governance and the development of programs and activities. The rules are important for the credibility and mission of the document and therefore everyone must adhere to the principles at all times. “

The saaf and its affiliated councils continue to document and implement green building projects and sustainability through the exchange of interests between the public and private sector and non-governmental and nonprofit organizations. Participating in the development of the Saudi trademark system from the Saudi Green Building Forum as a bridge to build professional relations and benefit from the professional community for green buildings. — SG