Forum explores new ways in fashion and beauty world

Forum explores new ways in fashion and beauty world

Forum explores new ways in fashion and beauty world
Attendees of ‘Beauty Innovations’ in Jeddah

By Syeda Amtul
Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Professionals from beauty, fashion and make-up business gathered on Monday at “Beauty Innovations” event organized by Talent Reunion, a lifestyle-networking platform with an aim to connect talented individuals for business purposes and to exchanging benefits.

It highlighted the innovation and business opportunities in fashion and beauty sector.

Several fashion designers, bloggers, photographers, and above all the makeup artists and fashion enthusiasts attended the event to share their opinions and thoughts.

The participants believe such a networking platform brings members of the community together and discusses life-oriented themes that help in sharpening culture and social and professional aspects of life.

During the event, fashion designers and trendsetters discussed common issues, such as how to explore new ways of business opportunities and think of ways to highlight new trends in the field.

“Such a meetup is a great source and inspirations for trend-setters. We saw collaborations and businesses opportunities coming out of talent networking” said Yazan Jamous, founder of Talent Reunion.

As many talent figures of fashion world joined the gathering, the headliner guests included well-recognized names Reem Faisal, Sumayah Balkhi. This is in addition to some emerging talent names such as Amjaad Almaghrabi and Lina Alrayes.

Lina Alrayes a famous fashion designer said, “I joined TalentReunion Bazaar beginning of this year. I displayed my fashion collection and made good connections. I’m always happy attending productive events and meet-ups around town”.

“The event is a family-oriented gathering, where people meet in a healthy environment and share their thoughts and experiences. It also gives a chance to explore new business opportunities” said Yazan.

“Talent Reunion is an online platform to empower talents.. We aim to create a humanitarian network from talented individuals and highly smart in social intelligence. We are good in providing a positive atmosphere for networking and maintaining relationships. We are not entrepreneurs, but believe that networking is the best tool toward entrepreneurship. Talent Reunion is a platform run as a teamwork. We empower individuals, and create a society full of talents,” he added.