MLSD unveils ‘My Guide’ project”

MLSD unveils ‘My Guide’ project”


THE Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) announced the completion of ‘Daleli’ (my guide) project that combines various services for its beneficiaries of the social development sector, particularly.

The guide has simple and brief explanation on the services that the government sector, semi-government sector and charitable entities offer for all categories of beneficiaries.

The ministry said it provides detailed clarification about these various services and their objectives, eligibility conditions and how to utilize them, which will be available on the ‘Knowledge’ portal of the ministry’s portal along with e-brochures that exhibits hands-on info.

The ministry urged those who benefit from the MLSD services to request a copy of My Guide through contacting the administration of customer service and labor relations.

According to the MY Guide, it shows that the Social Security Department contains 9 services including, social security, beneficiary aid, financial assistance for disaster victims, water and energy assistance program for low-income individuals, student support program, food support program, exemption of Al-Qiyas test and Academic attainment fees, carpet and furniture support.

Additionally, it shows that the Social Care and Family Department has 19 services including total comprehensive centers for social and occupational rehabilitation, assistive devices aid for persons with disabilities, orphan guardianship, social guidance houses, nursing care for old people, home-based medical assistance for old people and persons with disabilities, female orphan’s marriage support, financial support, medical devices aid, support car program, foster parents aid, male orphan’s marriage support, end of fostering aid, students with disabilities rewards, visa fees exemption, low-price tickets and pass cards.

Also, it has 12 services of the Social Development Department including establishments of non-profit organizations, cooperative societies and family funds, issuance of licenses for private entities (baby care centers, research centers, family education centers), supporting low-growth neighborhoods and regions, counseling for newlyweds, social awareness campaigns, women empowerment, development programs for all segments of the society and rehabilitation of leaders in the social work, spreading awareness of volunteerism and family coaching.

Meanwhile, the ministry said the guide is in a bid to furnish social development offices with adequate info, respond to inquires of beneficiaries and assist job seekers and employees to carry out their tasks. — SG