Raising Cane’s chicken set to debut in Saudi Arabia

Raising Cane’s chicken set to debut in Saudi Arabia

Todd Graves
Todd Graves

RAISING Cane’s opening in Saudi Arabia, poses a challenge on Raising Cane’s in a market that is ever so saturated with chicken. Yet what separates Raising Cane’s, according to its CEO Todd Graves is their marinating process and their tenderloin only, premium chicken.

Raising Cane’s is a popular, Louisiana based chain that prides itself in using chicken tenderloin only and the fact they use fresh ingredients and that their meals are always and will be fresh for all customers.

CEO Todd Graves said Raising Cane’s entrance in the GCC is due to the uniqueness of the shopping and dining experiences in the KSA market in addition to its impressive culture, diversity and dynamism. Raising Cane’s efforts do not stop at serving chicken, rather, it serves its community as well, supporting non- profits and schools and others with its initiatives being highly supported and praised by Al Shaya.

With every new start come great challenges, and the opening of Raising Cane’s in the KSA is no alien from that concept. However, what sets Raising Cane’s apart is their use of tenderloin chicken and the fact that their margination process, which takes up to 24 hours to properly absorb the taste and essence of the spices. When asked about the chicken freshness in Raising Cane’s KSA as compared to the USA Todd Graves explained “No because the supply chain does not permit it. We use frozen chicken here so that we can be 100% certain that we can offer a consistently high level of quality. ”

Raising Cane’s expansion to the Middle Eastern market came after a sit down with Mohammed Al Shaya where opportunities were explored in the region which led Raising Cane’s to start with Kuwait and carry on to Saudi Arabia with the focus on the KSA-Riyadh debut. — SG