Rubaiyat hosts its second Made to Measure service

Rubaiyat hosts its second Made to Measure service

Rubaiyat hosts its second Made to Measure service

RUBAIYAT, the fashion house of the Kingdom, is hosting for the second time this year its unique “Made to Measure” service, which provides men with top designer-brand suits measured and made by tailors representing the world’s top fashion houses.

“’Made to Measure’ presents a truly unique opportunity for the fashion-conscious Men to have the highest quality suit made specifically for him by tailors that work directly for the designer,” said Wafaa Abbar, President of Rubaiyat. “It’s just one more feature of Rubaiyat’s vision to turn Saudi Arabia into a world fashion capitol.”

The new program delivers a very special experience fueled by the participation of Rubaiyat’ s “brand tailors” from the world’s top male fashion houses, including Lanvin, Brioni, Giorgio Armani, Kiton, Larusmiani, Loro Piana and Zegna. ‘Made to Measure’ provides the highest of international tailoring standards to Rubaiyat customers.

To enjoy the luxurious service and distinct advantages of the Made to Measure, customers simply set an appointment to meet with the brand tailor during his exclusive visit to Rubaiyat Men’s boutiques. Having selecting the desired style and material for the suit, the customer and the tailor discuss the materials chosen and the most perfect cut siting the clientele’s expectation. A session where The tailor takes all of the appropriate measurements, and delivers the new made to measure exclusive designer suit o the customer in a month time, Ready to wear, and elegant as per expectations.

Although high-end suits are the focus of the new service, Made to Measure can be used to make any wearable item at Rubaiyat into a custom-made garment that conforms exclusively to the wearer’s needs, be it a suit, a pair of pants or a shirt knowing that Rubaiyat offers traditional MTM on tailoring collection but also on casual wear and shoes. It is just one more element of Rubaiyat’s quest to make the Kingdom home to the world’s best-dressed. — SG